8.04 promotional photos

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Wolowitz is on the field at the Angels Game in the next episode airing on Monday


Congratulations Chloe on winning my 10,000 followers giveaway! It’s a miracle that the laws of randomness have chosen someone who is both my friend and a gift to the fandom. 

To everyone else - there will be more giveaways in the future, and you’ll get your turn then! :)

yay!!! go me!! thanks marina!! :D

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penny’s beautiful hair -  s8 pixie cut

hi, sorry bother you but where you get the pictures of the cast???? i want create a blog for them, but i have no idea of where i can get pictures.... hehe thanks — Anonymous

all kinds of places… like 




lots of tbbt sites are really inactive right now… its hard

zimbio, gettyimages, tumblr, everywhere really  

please link me your blog when you make it…

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8.03 The First Pitch Insufficiency promotional photos

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guys! guess what! im going to see the show get taped live in October!! :))))

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waitress. actress. and now in s8 penny takes on a new job.

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